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Vehicle tracking (m2m)

Customer Requirements

Customer has requested Etisalat Digital for a solution to provide Track n Trace solutions to manage their existing fleet of vehicles.

Solution Summary

Etisalat Digital has proposed M2M Secure Vehicle Tracking solution which is an end-to-end service that consists of GPS Hardware and its installation and maintenance, data connectivity through M2M Control Center, Application Software and 24x7 support for the entire service.

1.1 Hardware

The solution consists of a hardware with GPS / GSM connectivity, which is able to determine the object’s coordinates and transfer them via the GSM network. This terminal is perfectly suitable for applications where location requirement of remote objects is needed. The GPS tracking device has additional inputs and outputs, which let control and monitor other remote objects.
Our GPS tracking device is a compact GPS tracker designed for vehicle tracking and monitoring tasks such as providing information on vehicle location, speed, trip history, mileage, fuel level, etc. The device has an internal GPS & GSM antenna making it small and very easy to install. Therefore it fits easily anywhere in the vehicle and makes installation much easier.

Hardware functionalities:

  • Vehicle location, history, mileage, speed and activity monitoring

  • Driver behavior monitoring (Eco-Drive)

  • Driver registration and identification

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Remote ignition blocking

  • Internal Geo-zone

  • Jamming resistant

  • Various features via SMS

Technical Specifications:

  • GPS/GLONASS module Ublox EVA-M8M

  • GSM modem Quectel M95

  • Digital inputs 4 inputs

  • Analogue inputs 2 inputs

  • Digital outputs 2 outputs

  • Internal memory 4 MB

  • Accelerometer 3 axes

  • 1 Wire 1 –Wire peripherals

  • Firmware configuration Over the air GPRS or USB

  • GPS/GLONASS antenna Internal

  • GSM antenna Internal

  • Power Supply 10 – 32 V DC

  • Operating temperature -30 +60 °C

  • Size 64.5 x 61 x 22 mm

1.2 Software

The software architecture is the real time data management system which shall manage the trip and route management in real time and integrated with communications component and GIS component.

The firmware shall reside on GPS tracking hardware and handles the client module with communication component and also provides GSM communication functionality for the voice box.

1.3 Dashboard:

Gives an overview of the total fleets. It clearly describes the number of vehicles moving, stopped, idle (ignition ON and vehicle not moving), inactive (or not reporting), out of service (which is not used by the company) and not polling (vehicles not under GPS and GSM coverage area). We can also the latest alerts in the recent alerts area, from any vehicle under your account. We also have a graphical representation of moving, stopped, idle, and inactive and out of service vehicles. At the bottom of the dashboard, we see the recent updates from the vehicles with time , vehicle number, location, speed, ignition status, odometer, duration in this status (i.e. if moving, how long the vehicle was moving), recent alerts and then map it, to check where these vehicles are showing up in the map.

1.3.1 Masters:

Masters have following options for trace n track:

  • Mileage Update: To update the odometer reading as and when required.

  • Geo-fence: we can draw and specify a name for a specified area as shown below:

We can specify a name to this Geo-fence and we can pull report based on the defined area. Reports like entry to this area, exit from this area, or we can also set alerts for entry and exits based on our required.

We have different ways to alert:

  • POI: Similarly we can define a Point of interest that will override Google defined name to the name we specify.

  • Alerts and Emails: we can set different alerts like, over speed alert (sends alert when vehicle exceeds defined speed), geofence entry and exit alert (alerts entry and exit to any Geo-fence we define), idling alert (sends alert when the vehicle remains idle for more than specified time), stoppage alert (sends alert when the vehicle remains stopped for more than specified time), harsh braking alert (on event of harsh braking), harsh acceleration alert (on event of harsh acceleration), extreme harsh braking alert, inactive alert (when the device goes inactive) etc.

  • Emails

  • SMS

  • Pop Ups on the screen

  • Report Schedulers: Instead of generating reports every day, we can schedule the system to generate the report for us, and this will keep sending the report automatically based on the period we mention to the email addresses we specify.

1.3.2 REPORTS:

Our application provides various reports as mentioned above. These reports can be printer directly or downloaded in both PDF and Excel format. We have also added an option where we can hide certain columns that needs to be hidden while downloading. MAP IT option let you check the location on map when we generate the report.

All reports have the option to select date and time, which will let the clients select the date and time to generate the report from.

By default 6 months of data backup is provided for all the vehicles.


Provides complete activity report including TRAVEL, IDLE and STOPPED, with duration, start and end location, and map it option.


Provides same activity reports for the current day.


Provides the time spent by the vehicle without moving the vehicle and turning on the ignition (IDLE time) or total time the vehicle was parked (stopped time) with location and duration.


Provides the total distance traveled by the vehicle on each day, with map it option.


Any closed area drawn by us on the map is called often referred as Geo-fence. Geo-fence overrides the Google defined name to Customer preferred name for any location. This report Provides entry and exit time report for all the Geo-fence created by the user.


Live Tracking enables us to track the location, speed, ignition status and direction at any moment of time. This feature enables the transport admins to check these parameters LIVE at any time, hence ensuring that the vehicles are always under your surveillance.

Features of live tracking:

  1. Live Speed if moving

  2. Ignition Status

  3. Direction

  4. Location

  5. Coordinates

  6. We can check the live traffic (as provided by google)

  7. Group/ungroup vehicles

  8. Provide an ETA from any vehicle to any defined location.

  9. See the history of vehicle movements in the map.

  10. Animate it option to show the vehicle movement.


Report that provides the list of all inactive vehicle during a selected period.


We have a maintenance and out of service database where we can add the details of the vehicle that goes out for service and maintenance. Maintenance module has a reminder option that will alert you through an email when the vehicles are due for next maintenance. Out of service module let you keep track of vehicle that undergoes service and we can also pull report based on out of service.

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